Hybrid AR/VR, the first step into AR?

April 15, 2021
Oculus Quest 2

Lucas Rizzotto, VR (Mad scientist), posted a short but thought provoking article on LinkedIn telling users not to wait for AR glasses, but instead to look for hybrid glasses. Lucas makes some great points that can best be summed up as: Augmented Reality headsets are too expensive with too large of limitations, but VR goggles with AR sensors can provide the best of both worlds at a reasonable price point.

Numerous companies are working on this technology, including both Oculus and Apple, each with their own unique approach and price point. I expect the first mass market AR / VR hybrid to be announced and likely released in 2021 from one of these companies and to rapidly get mass market acceptance in 2022.

The time is now to design your AR application that will target this hardware. There is a large opportunity to be one of the first applications in this space on a mass market device. This is an opportunity to become a market leader in your vertical by being first to market with a thoughtful and useful app for your market. If you aren't first, which one of your competitors will be? Contact Us to see how we can help you get started.

Also, check out Lucas's YouTube channel "Lucas Builds the Future" for some inspiration!

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