What are your hours?

Our hours are 9am to 5pm CST but may vary from project to project. We typically respond to queries within 24 hours (on business days).

What are your typical rates?

Rates vary based on the project and technology services you’re seeking. Reach out to get a quote and start the conversation.

Octavian offers a wide range of assessments, services, and capabilities. Because our offerings span machine learning, data science, data analysis, cloud, DevOps, and more, we can build out a full solution or offer à la carte services.

Can we pay more for faster results?

Our resources are scalable and we can often work within a set timeframe—so essentially: yes. Reach out to get a no-obligation quote – we’ll discuss how we can help you achieve your business growth goals using machine learning and other data-driven technologies.

How long does a typical project last?

A typical project may range from several weeks to several months long. We'll work with you up front to determine the size and scope, resources required, and timeframe.

Whenever possible, our goal is to cultivate a long-lasting collaborative partnership, so we can be strategic about moving your business forward. Contact us today to discuss the future of your business.

What services do you offer?

Our services cover an array of business data and technology needs. We work in machine learning and data science, data analytics and BI, as well as cloud architecture. Plus, we offer fractional CIO and CTO expertise.

Because we provide a range of services that integrate with your business needs, we offer top-to-bottom whole technology solutions—we’re your one-stop-shop. If you need more resources, we have partnerships in place to make it happen.

Machine Learning

What predictions or processes do your AI systems help with? What problems can AI solve for my business?

The machine learning marketplace is growing rapidly, allowing you to increase workplace efficiency, better engage with customers, automate complex processes, increase safety and security, and so much more.

Because our services are scalable and encompass many different areas, we can build out machine learning in real-time for a more successful result. Reach out to our team to discuss your needs and how AI and machine learning can help you streamline your business.

Do the tools you use (like Azure) integrate with other systems?

We recommend treating machine learning as its own, isolated software component. Each project is unique, but typically we provide generalized interfaces that are consumable by any modern platform.

This approach allows machine learning to work independently of your team while still integrating into your technology stack. To learn more about the AI and machine learning services we provide, please reach out today.


How long does a cloud migration take?

Each cloud migration is different depending on the size, the level of your team's engagement, and the resources applied. Some cloud migrations can be rapid, while others may require a more robust approach.

We will work with your team to adapt to the needs of your project. When you work with Octavian, you'll have a clear picture of costs, timeframe, expectations, and results before we begin.

How reliable are your cloud solutions?

Our cloud solutions are scalable. We always outline your options and reliability requirements in advance.

Often cloud reliability will be relative to cost and the migration method. We’re able to deploy within typical SLA (service level agreements) within the industry. Our base-level meets all industry standards.

How secure are your cloud solutions?

Similar to the reliability, cloud security is scalable. The level of protection will be relative to the platform you select and the functionality you enable.

Octavian works closely with you to determine your requirements and ensure we meet or exceed all security conditions. We want you to feel comfortable and secure in our process—from beginning to end. Contact us today to learn more about our top-to-bottom technology offerings and solutions.

Fractional CxO

How long are typical Fractional CxO engagements/contracts?

Our Fractional CIO and Fractional CTO services are flexible and scalable. We'll work with you to determine the services you need and how they can align with your budget and timeline. It's our goal to adapt and fit your team’s needs, whether they're significant or simple.


How do you collect and properly format your data? Who does the data cleaning (us or you)?

Our data science services are collaborative. We work with your internal team to access the data and investigate the possibilities.

Our scalable services mean we can carry out much of the data cleanup and organization for you, but we always work with you to decide the process and protocol that fits your team's preferences. Because we can design solutions in real-time, we circumvent many of the roadblocks data science and machine learning projects often face.

How much data do you need to make personalized predictions?

Our goal is always to give you the most accurate predictions possible. The amount of data required will depend on several factors, including the project's details, goals, and data collection you have in place.

Oftentimes, we’ll start with a smaller amount of data to provide a proof of concept and then productionalize from there, as needed. Truth be told: most of the time, you’ll need more data than you think!

What are your data security policies? What level of consent is required?

At Octavian, we use the latest security protocols to ensure your data is always secure, using SSL encryption when data is in motion and storing your data encrypted in place. We also adapt security protocols to fit your specific business security policies, offering a more robust and involved process for data requiring additional security measures.

As we explore your project, we work with you to ensure top-notch security and protection.

Where does your data reside?

Our data is typically stored within Microsoft’s Cloud, which includes Office365 and Azure.

Depending on your project's needs, we can also work with your preferred storage solutions, such as your secure, private server. Our goal is to maximize data security to put you at ease.

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