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Unlock What Data, ML & AI Can Do For Your Business
Picture this :
  • Your oil company uses data analysis and machine learning to detect and predict equipment failure, improve safety in the field, and reduce downtime.
  • Your travel company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the ticket classification process, solving queries 20% faster for customers.
  • You’re a thermostat manufacturer using data analysis and machine learning to connect devices and predict device stamina, reducing failures.
  • You’re a shoe manufacturer using machine learning and infrared camera technology to analyze leather quality, increasing production.

Any industry, any business model: almost every process can be improved, right? What can data science, machine learning, and AI do for YOUR business? Let’s find out!

What is Machine Learning? What is Data Science?

Machine learning allows us to take vast amounts of information and process it to identify patterns and automate decision-making far faster and more accurately than humanly possible. As a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning is how computers develop an understanding of data and start to “think” without the need of human input.

A combination of data science and computer science, machine learning involves applying data science techniques to show machines how to process and interpret data. With deep learning and predictive models, algorithms are trained to solve a problem. They then "learn" to identify and solve future problems through repetition. The more data and feedback collected, the more accurate the machine learning becomes.

Machine learning is at the core of artificial intelligence (AI).

Impact Your Bottom Line for the Better

The machine learning marketplace is evolving quickly in both surprising and practical ways. Machine learning has improved planning, safety, production and ultimately increased the bottom line across industries from manufacturing to finance to insurance to human relations.

Machine learning can improve customer engagement through services like real-time translation, better chatbot communication, dynamically adapting applications, and targeted upsell opportunities. Machine learning can improve safety by monitoring processes for contamination, identifying defects, and anticipating equipment problems. Facial recognition and image analysis can help boost security, identify offensive content, and detect and filter profanity.

Machine learning can improve workplace efficiency by automating and accelerating processes throughout your business. Plus, machine learning services can help your business see improvements in just a few months, from lowering costs to gaining efficiency through accuracy.

Our machine learning and data science services are scalable and collaborative. We work directly with your team—as partners—to determine your objectives and design a solution that will give you the most accurate predictions possible.

Let’s Do This: See All Machine Learning Can Do For Your Business

At Octavian Technology Group, we’re uniquely qualified in machine learning and data science services to help you determine ideal solutions and improve processes to get optimal results.

Many firms offer great data science work but struggle when it comes to machine learning. Because we work with your team and design solutions for real world use, we avoid the typical roadblocks faced by other technology groups. At Octavian, we provide full top-to-bottom technology solutions based on your goals and needs.

As technology continues to evolve in this exciting field, let’s explore how you can apply data science and machine learning to better engage with customers, automate processes, increase security, and so much more. Reach out today and explore the future of your business!

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